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Our Story

We have a background in remediating the effects of “bad” microbial growth – mold, mildew, and others. We decided to offer the Klear-Bloc® Antimicrobial System to locations that needed to have a microbe-free environment – daycare’s, nurseries, schools, healthcare facilities, sports clubs and gyms, restaurants and hospitality – and more.

Our mission

We are committed to providing the benefits of a germ-free environment to all the places where people could be at risk for germs and other bad microbes. Our process is designed to be minimally disruptive – after cleaning the actual application of Klear-Bloc® is quick, with the bonding action taking place in a short period of time. After Klear-Bloc® is applied to any surface, it locks into that surface – doesn’t flake off or get washed off – until the actual surface is worn away. We think it’s one of the best ways to have a safer, healthier environment.

How Does The Klear-Bloc® Antimicrobial System Work?

Step 1 – TEST

We take samples from various parts of the surfaces in a target area using a special meter to determine the level of bio-activity.

This allows us to establish a base line using an industry standard range of levels of cleanliness.

All results are carefully analyzed before and after the test

Step 2 – TREAT

THOROUGH Cleaning of surfaces using a safe botanical, green, hospital-grade cleaner to ELIMINATE ALL MICROBES.

We need to have a spotlessly clean surface, free of any and all microbes before we take the next step.

Kills Over 99.99% of Bacteria in 30 Seconds!

✅  Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner
✅  Deodorizer
✅  Decontaminant
✅  Carpet Sanitizer

Mildewcidal * Virucidal * Bactericidal * Fungicidal * Antimicrobial Germicide

Step 3 – PROTECT

Klear-Bloc® is applied via Electrostatic spraying to reach all areas EVERYWHERE to ensure a PERMANENT BOND with the Surface on which it is applied.

PROVEN Safe and Effective

through 25+ Years of Use by Major Corporations

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